Entry: Slashcut! Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm doing a slashcut!  There are so many blogs that I should have written by now about camping trips, new dogs, basketball games, Braden's elusive illness and the rehabilitation of our rental house but alas I have not.  I hope to soon but this summer has been anything but leisurely.  So here it goes... slashcut to July 22nd.

Right now we're in Denver, CO.  I'm typing from the Ronald McDonald House.  We're visiting National Jewish Hospital which specializes in food allergies and all the issues that go along with it. 

We came up on Friday and Marshall's first round of testing was yesterday; two pulomonary breathing tests, blood tests and a skin test.  Sorry to say that yesterday was the easy day.  Today Marshall will have another battery of tests ending with a probe inserted in his nose that will be thread into his stomach.  It should be the only night that he spends away from Club Med (i.e., Ronald McDonald House... aka RMH). 

We'll be here for testing until the 29th although the boys have already said that they never want to leave.  They love all of the outdoor activities that CO has to offer and are in heaven at RMH.  I'll post pics and you'll understand why.

I'll try to update daily!



July 22, 2008   05:30 PM PDT
I want to hear all about the results. You've been struggling w/this for so long.
July 22, 2008   01:52 PM PDT
Wow! Good luck with the testing. I can't wait to hear more. We are having a hectic summer too! Seems like school just let out and it will be back around before you know it.

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