Entry: Where's the BEEF? Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marshall just completed a day-long food challenge and he's passed the beef test.  They're not even going to attempt to give him any milk products based on his test results but beef is all good.

Trace & I have run through what that means to this family:

-  The boys will get a McDonald's Happy Meal for the first time ever!!!

-  Beef Jerky

-  Steak!

-  Beef Fajitas

-  Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

-  Briskett

-  The other side of the menu at Taste of Asia... and Bill Miller

-  Sausage

-  Arbys

-  Subway Meatball sandwich.... and the Spicy Italian!

- the ability to eat off of other people's grills

We're going to celebrate with Happy Meals!  Unfortunately we also have confirmation of his asthma which had always been a clinical diagnoses.  They think the asthma is triggered by his reflux. 

So, we've accomplished what we've come here for.  The psychologist has blessed me as a mother and cancelled our next 3 appointments.  I told her that if she wanted to talk about Braden then I could use a few more weeks but she didn't oblige.  Good thing she didn't hear me chew out the 12 yr old nutritionist who doesn't have a clue.


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April 28, 2012   09:43 AM PDT
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August 17, 2008   11:32 PM PDT
I do have to say, feeding your child antibiotic packed beef patties from McDonald's being better than organic dairy doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Maybe you should get a better education on these sorts of things before scolding someone else on their own website. Next time, keep your comment to yourself, nutjob.
August 12, 2008   03:22 PM PDT
Congratulations to Marshall and your family. You have given hope to me that my dairy/beef allergic daughter might someday be able to eat beef. Right now all she can eat at McDonalds is the apple pie and the apple slices. Happy eating!!!
August 4, 2008   10:10 PM PDT
Psycho. I just read your comment on The Pioneer Woman and I am amazed by your ignorance. You are celebrating the fact that you can feed your child McDonald's, but you feel there is no nutritional content to dairy?! Get a life and an education.
July 28, 2008   10:25 PM PDT
hi sharon...i sent you an email a while back and not sure if you got and decided not to talk anymore or just didnt get it at all, so i thought i would try again! i am glad your son is doing well! seems like you have been through alot-i can barely make it through shots every few months!
July 28, 2008   09:14 PM PDT
Oh my gosh. BEEF!! Wow.

Hope that first happy meal was wonderful!
July 28, 2008   01:56 PM PDT
does this mean no more blogs about making deer sausage?
Rom To
July 27, 2008   09:28 PM PDT
WOOOO HOOOO!!! Way to go Marshall!!! That's such greatness for you guys!
ah pa
July 25, 2008   09:41 AM PDT
Way to go nut! And Braden too.
Good road trip and sleep overs.
July 24, 2008   10:20 PM PDT
Welcome to Burgers, Texas. :-)
July 24, 2008   09:57 PM PDT
How exciting!! Oh the joys of beef. I'll have to tell Kylie. She will be excited for her friend.
July 24, 2008   09:13 PM PDT
It's BBQ at the Wade's no need to bring a grill!!!
July 24, 2008   08:08 PM PDT
Nut, this is so exciting now I don't have to fight with the managers to give you a 5 cent toy, with our chicken select. This is life changing for you it will mean you can go to more birthday parties and like Dad says eat "anything" off the menu at Taste of Asia. Can't wait for you and the B Man to come home and we will go to Mickey Dees!!!!!!! Love you all and you are all doing GREAT
Turtles RULE!
July 24, 2008   05:20 PM PDT
They also do the SNOOPY DANCE!

Life changing. Truly.

whooooo hoooooo!

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